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Molly's Succulent Mix - Premium Gritty Soilless Potting Mix for Succulents, Cactus and Bonsai

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Molly's Succulent Mix is a premium gritty soilless mix that is ideal for succulents, hoyas, Bonsai, caudex plants & cacti, all of which require a balanced, well-draining, gritty potting mix. 

  • Helps prevent brown spots, leaf drop, and root rot: Gritty, well-aerated, drains quickly, resists compaction, and reduces the risk of over-watering and root rot. 
  • Free of fertilizer, soil-borne pests, and disease: As a soil free potting mix, Molly's Succulent Mix is a cleaner alternative to soil-based potting mixes, providing better airflow around root systems and draining quicker after each watering.
  • Organic, mineral, pH balanced: A purposefully-blended mix of 2/3 mineral and 1/3 organic ingredients, including poultry grit, calcined clay, worm castings, coir fiber, limestone (calcitic and dolomitic), coarse horticultural perlite, Rhizophagus irregularis, Bacillus pumilus, and a wetting agent.
  • Strengthens root systems and builds plant immunity: Includes beneficial fungi and bacteria that extend plant root systems, enhance nutrient provision, control disease-causing pathogens, and promote natural pest-defense systems.
  • Tested and proven: Used on hundreds of succulents, hoyas, caudex plants (including Stephania Erecta and Phyllanthus Mirabilis) in our shop and is the go-to gritty potting mix at veryplants.
  • Made in Canada: Molly's Succulent Mix is 100% made in Canada and packaged in a heat-sealed recyclable 4 liter bag with zipper to reseal between uses. As an added bonus - the grey, white and orange colors of the mineral components of the mix look really nice around the plant itself! :)
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